POS Comparison

Compare the market leaders

When it comes to taking card payments for your business the market has greatly evolved in the last couple of years and there are now a range of providers offering a no contract and no rental merchant accounts.

The table below compares myPOS, Izettle and Sumup.

These are 3 of the best known providers of Card machines without long term agreements.

As well as just accepting payments myPOS offer customers an entire bank account experience, with an iban, debit card and the ability to operate in multiple currencies. As you can see from the table myPOS rates are the lowest on the market, Lower costs means more profits for your business so we are big fans of the myPOS service and have supplied huge numbers of UK businesses with myPOS Card machines.

myPOS also offer the largest range of machines from any provider. From the simple myPOS go upto the myPOS Hub they have a machine to suit any business.

All myPOS machines come with a free data roaming sim offering connectivity anywhere, finding the best mobile network in each location.

Standard cost per transaction
Availability of funds
Within 2 days
Instant payout
Within 3 days
Monthly renewal
Connectivity type
Via phone app
Free sim
Via phone app
Send invoices
Yes 2.5%
Yes 1.5%
Online Acceptance Setup
Yes (chargable)
Yes free