Perfect POS Information

General details and set-up instructions


myPos offer a range of card processing devices which are purchased outright meaning no monthly rentals
All of their devices have a free forever data sim already installed which means they don’t need to be connected to a phone, iPad or WiFi, The any network sims will automatically connect to the strongest mobile network wherever you are.

Upon joining myPOS customers get a free myPos account which can be accessed via the free App or on a computer. This account has an Iban (international bank account number) and can also be used to send and receive money to and from anywhere in the world (fees apply). Additional accounts in alternative currencies can also be opened free of charge.

Each myPOS account also comes with 1 FREE Visa Debit Card in the box, (additional cards can be ordered) These cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa and can be used by you or your staff to instantly spend any money received into your myPOS account.

Multiple myPOS devices can be linked to each myPOS account and each can be named as you please. Devices with receipt printers can be personalised to allow your company info and logo be added to the receipt, each device can be setup individually allowing different info on each machine.


Customers can also send a payment request from their myPOS account free of charge via the app or online or from the device via Text, WhatsApp or email. This simply sends a secure link which your customers open and enter their payment details. No account opening or signing up is required by your customers and once paid the money is instantly available in the myPOS account. This method of accepting payments is very popular with customers who report they prefer it to taking customers card details over the phone as it’s quicker and safer. If your business needs to take payments over the phone then myPOS allow this but prior approval is needed.

myPos also offer buy now buttons for the sale of single products and also free website integration for online retailers.


Payments made easy

Once a payment is made via the device or payment request the funds instantly appear in your MyPos account. This money can be instantly spent using the Business visa debit card provided or can be transferred to your bank account. Transfers to bank account and cash withdrawals with the Visa card carry a small fee but purchases with the card are free.

As myPOS services include instant payment and a bank account customers personal and business identity need to be verified. Verification can take up to 72 business hours.
We are happy to help customers through this process in any way necessary please call us on 01304 892799 if you need any help.

Set up details

Verification is completed in the following steps:

Step 2
Click “open an account” Enter all of your details and submit.

Step 3
Verify your email –you will get an email just click on the link to confirm.

Step 4
Download the MYpos App to your phone on Apple or Android

Step 5
Log into the APP–You will be asked to make a video call & have your passport ready, this takes a few minutes and is open 24/7.

Step 6
Submit other requested proof of identity documents as detailed on next page these can be submitted via your account on the mypos website via laptop or pc.