Android App Card Acceptance

Accept card payments with your phone
& turn your android phone into a mobile payment terminal

No dongles, No cables, Just an app on your Android phone.

A New Software POS ( Soft POS) which enables you to take payments via cards, mobile wallets and NFC Wearables via your android phone.

The easy way to accept payments.
PerfectPOS Card machine supplier in Kent

The perfect android solution

Complete Security
Complies with all industry standards and regulations - approved by Visa and Mastercard
PerfectPOS Card machine supplier in Kent

Works with a wide range of android phones – Requires Android Oreo (8.1) or later, which is used as standard on virtually all Android devices since 2018

There are no limits on transaction values. Transactions over the contactless limit ( Currently £45) Will require the customer to enter their pin on the phone screen.

Your Smart Phone has a NFC Sensor on the back which enables contactless cards to be used. To accept a payment simply hold the card near the back of the phone.

The app will accept all contactless EMV Based Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards by Visa and Mastercard. Payments can also be taken using mobile wallets like apple pay and Google pay and NFC Wearables.

Setting up an account is completely free, you can choose from a pay as you go option where you only pay per transaction or you can pay a monthly subscription and benefit from a reduced transaction fee.

We suggest starting on the pay as you go option and if you start taking over £1000 per month look to switch to the pro pricing with the lowered fees.

Once a payment has been taken on the App, the funds are available to you instantly.

See the section below about opening and verifying your account. As this is a financial regulated service you will need to prove your identity and prove you are self employed or a company.

Opening an account usually takes less than 24 hours.

It's easy to Get Started

To get started you will need to open an account.

As this is a Regulated Financial account like any bank account you will need to verify your identity and verify you are self employed or a genuine business.

A valid passport is needed to verify your identity.

The account is with a UK Licensed and Regulated Electronic Money Institution so your privacy and security is guaranteed.

Opening an account and getting verified can take 24 hours.


Pay only when you get paid

GBP /month
Transaction rate


Ideal for businesses with higher turnover

GBP /month
Transaction rate